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What is Seidat? What you can do with Seidat?

The Story of Seidat

Seidat ltd is a Finnish presentation software company established in 2014. It was founded by Buorre, a design agency helping other companies sell more by design and marketing. Buorre is privately owned, fast-growing company of about 20 employees.

Development of Seidat presentation system started in 2013 and it was funded by TEKES.

The CEO of Seidat, Paulus Perkkiö, has more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, mainly in the field of design and marketing consulting.



1. What is Seidat?

Seidat is a business presentation tool. Business presentations are the most important situations of your business. In those situations you have possibility to describe your concept and differentiate your business. With Seidat you have always possibility for navigable business presentation, whether you customer is next to you or he/she is on the other side of earth.

2. Who are using Seidat?

Seidat has been used in every kind of business from B2B to B2C. Mostly the users are:

  • Sales people

  • Marketing & Brand & Communication

  • Consulting, training, education

  • Management

3. Which are the typical use cases of Seidat?

You can use Seidat where ever you want. Mostly Seidat is used for:

  • Sales tool

  • Business presentations

  • Internal communication

  • Consulting, training, education

  • Documentation

  • Online presentations

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