As a team member, you can get others to sign a presentation. Signers don't need to be part of your team, nor do they need to be registered Seidat users. You need to have sharing rights for the presentation you want to request signatures on.

Sending a request

  1. Open the presentation you want to request signatures on.
  2. Click eSign settings in the sidebar on the left. See image 1.
  4. In the Signer emails field, fill in the emails of people you want to request signatures from. This is where you put your own email too if you want to sign it yourself.
  5. Optional: the Send signed copies to field is for emails where a link to the signed PDF will be sent to once it's signed by all.
  6. Optional: Note to signers is for a note that will appear in the email request and on the signature page.
  7. Once you've filled everything in, click SEND EMAIL REQUEST to send the request.

Image 1. eSign settings.

Read Signing a presentation to learn how to respond to a signature request.

Tracking signatures

Shortly after you've sent a signature request, its record will be available under the "Team signatures" page on your team's dashboard. Check the "Finding your signatures" section of the eSign overview article to learn where to find your signatures.

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