You can play, edit and share the imported presentation like any normal Seidat presentation. 

  • To edit press "edit presentation button". If you imported the PowerPoint "as elements" you can edit the pages normally. 
  • The slides are all automatically place in one row in the imported presentation, but you can move them around freely.
  • All images are uploaded into the image bank. If a presentation with the same name is imported they will end up in the same folder.
  • The slide titles will be automatically set if the header is written in header field in PowerPoint. If the page had no title in PowerPoint it will be named to Slide 1, etc.
  • If the picture in PowerPoint is filling the whole content area the image in Seidat will be set as a background image
  • Grouped elements in PowerPoint will be grouped in Seidat and cannot be used as separate elements.

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