New features:

  • Reordering of text styles is now possible with arrow buttons in the brand editor. It is advised to arrange the most used fonts first, so they are more easily found when editing a slide. Learn more here.


  • Team editors can now duplicate any presentation that they can view, even if they don't have editing rights to that particular presentation.
  • Login sessions will now expire after 30 days (previously 90 days).
  • All protocols are allowed as external links (previously only http, https and mailto worked).
  • You can now add to external link hotspots any protocol i.e. tel:, mailto:, callto:, etc.
  • With tel:+358501231234 will call the specified number when the hotspot is pressed
  • With callto:User_name you can call with Skype on your computer or another mobile device if Skype is installed to the device.
  • With will open the devices email application and you can start writing the email from there. 
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