We have now released a new version of Seidat.

The main changes in the platform are in Smart Slides. Using Smart Slides reduce the amount of manual labour and used time when you have multiple presentations to be kept up to date. When you update a Smart Slide, the same changes appear in all the presentations the same slide is used in.

Another big change in Seidat is how internal and external links (Hotspots) work. Managing links is now more visual and versatile.

In the new user interface, you can find a Smart slide tab in the top navigation. This is where all your smart slides live now.

Under the tab, you can arrange your Smart slides by date created, in an alphabetical order or just search by name. On this page, you can create, delete and merge Smart Slides. You're now able to see how many presentations the slide is being used in. (TIP: Remember to always name your slides with a relevant name!)

By clicking "Used in x presentations" you can see in which ones particularly.

You can still make slides Smart when editing a presentation. Now it's only easier and does not require making a copy. Just click "Make smart slide" from slide options and it will automatically become part of your Smart slide library that only chosen people can edit (user permissions). You can just as easily detach the slide from the smart slide with just one click.

Smart slides are now in a folder of their own in the Slide Bank. You no longer have to decide whether to take a normal or smart copy of a slide. Smart Slides copy smart and normal slides as normal copies. Simple as that. This helps with managing your slides.

We recommend you arrange your Smart Slides into a master presentation where it's easy to pick slides from the Slide Bank. This way if you have multiple master presentations for different uses, it's easier to manage the content, structure and the number of slides.

Remember to add proper user rights to each team member in "Users" tab. Everyone who's had the right to edit presentations (before the update), will still have the editing right for Smart Slides. Now you have a chance to limit the editing of Smart slides to only certain people.

We renewed our internal and external link system as Hotspots.

Now managing links and keeping them up to date is easier e.g. when copying presentations.

You get to manage your presentation Hotspots from the left navigation bar. (You can no longer edit the links as element links in slide editor as they now work as a separate "layer" on your presentation.) This way you can see every hotspot you have on your slide by one glance. In presentation mode, the feature remains exactly the way it was, and your old links have been changed into Hotspots. (So, no need to worry!)

The update does not require any action from you but we do recommend you to get familiar with the new features as soon as possible. Please contact us if you come across any problems or you have questions about the new version.

Other updates: 

  • You can now search presentations by name on the dashboard in addition to using tags.
  • We have made some other minor improvements to make Seidat more user-friendly.
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