Locking elements is a handy tool to prevent accidental changes in the slides and helps to edit the slides too.

  • Lock elements to prevent accidental changes from anyone in the team with editing rights.
  • Lock elements on pages, where there are a lot of elements to make editing easier.
  • You can lock elements from the top toolbar from the lock icon or from the properties toolbar's element stack (see picture 1.).
  • On element stack you can bring elements backward and forwards easily by dragging the elements up and down on the list (see picture 2.).
  • To unlock an element, simply press the lock icon next to the name of the element.
  • Naming pictures, logos, etc. accordingly helps to distinguish the different elements from the stack.
  • Once an element is locked, it can't be resized, moved or edited in any way.
  • If you copy the page, the locked elements will be automatically locked by default.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

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