You can set any Seidat presentation to autoplay. 

Turning on and off the autoplay

  • Start by going to the presenting mode or opening a Seidat Link
  • Click the slide map from the bottom right corner. 
  • Click "Toggle autoplay controls" to start and stop the autoplay and show the contol on left bottom corner (picture 3.). If the slide map is hidden (Show only on hover is toggled on) the controls will not be visible.
  • Pressing the controls will play/pause the presentation. You can also play/pause the presentation by pressing the space-button on your keyboard.
  • The presentation will now stay on one page for as long as the autoplay duration has been set from presentation settings (see next paragraph for more info, picture 4.). On default, the duration is set to 5 seconds

Note that you can still scroll through the presentation normally even when the autoplay is active.

Setting the autoplay duration

  • Go to presentation settings located on the left toolbar. The presentation settings are indicated by the gear icon (picture 4.).
  • Set the autoplay duration in the field. The minimum is 1 second, but there is no upper limit.
  • The duration will be saved automatically. If you copy the presentation the autoplay duration will be copied also as it is set.
  • You can send a Seidat Link with autoplay turned on by default by using query parameters.
  • Set autoplay on by default by adding ?autoplay=1 to the Seidat Link
  • Note that if you have multiple query parameters place in a link, you need to separate them by &. There can be only one ? in the URL.
  • Example:

Use cases

  • Trade fairs. Set up a screen behind the stand and have a presentation played in the background. It is smart to leave too detailed information slides off from the presentation by making a copy of the master presentation and removing the slides.
  • Mass events. Have a presentation playing in the venue when guests are arriving showcasing your business or product, etc.
  • Info screens. If you want to create cheap and easy info screen to your office, it can be easily done with Seidat. Create a simple presentation with all slides on the top level. Use as much as possible embedded content in the presentation, such as weather, NPS figures, local menus, news, local transportation schedules, videos, company key figures from Google Datastudio or Google Sheets for example.

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