Copying presentation in Seidat is simple and straightforward. 

Why would you copy a presentation? 

  • You have a "master" presentation and want to have stripped version of that for a specific use. Every sales person for example can take a copy of the presentation and add their contact pages and other customised content to the presentation, while keeping the original "master" presentation untouched. 
  • You want to create a new presentation completely, but you want to use the structure, look and content to some extent. Copying and editing the copy allows you to use the old presentation as a template.
  • You want to customise the presentation to a specific group. Customer customised presentations add a touch or personality.

Having pages converted into smart slides eliminates unnecessary editing into multiple presentations in the long run. No matter how many presentations you have copied if the pages that have to be updated are smart slides.

How to copy a presentation

  • Duplicate presentation from the dashboard by pressing "Duplicate presentation" -button (picture 1.)
  • In the popup you can change the name, tags and presentation access.
  • The new copied presentation will appear on top of the dashboard if arrangement is set to "Date created".

Once the presentation is copied you can freely modify it in any way. 

What will be copied?

The whole presentation as is including:

  • Smart slides will remain linked (the linking can be removed later if required)
  • All non-smart slides will remain independent pages (can be converted to smart slides later if required)
  • Tags will be the same in both presentations (can be modified later to fit the need)
  • Hotspots will copy and remain working normally. 
  • Presentation access levels will remain if the original presentation had them set. 

What will NOT be copied?

  • Any Seidat Live -links or Seidat Links to the original presentation. They will remain to work on the previous presentation and new can be created to both.

Who can copy a presentation?

In a default situation presentation can be copied by anyone with editing rights in the team. However, there are possibilities to limit this or make copying possible to users with lower than Editing rights (sharer, viewer and no-rights).

  • However, if the presentation is hidden from the editor from the presentation access levels (right button in picture 1. right from "Duplicate presentation" button) the editor can't copy the presentation.
  • If the presentation access level is limited to "Sharing" or "Viewing" any editor can copy the presentation (picture 3.)

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

Picture 3.

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