To get to the slidemap overview where you can edit slides and the structure of your presentation:

  • Click "Edit presentation" next to the presentation thumbnail to enter the editing mode.
  • You can also enter the slidemap from left toolbar when editing a single slide (toolbar visible on the left in picture 2.).¬†

Picture 1.

Editing the presentation 

When you've opened the presentation to be edited you can:

  • Organize slides by dragging a single slide from the arrows or whole column from top arrows.
  • Create new slides by pressing +, delete existing slides by pressing the trashbin or edit any slide by pressing the pen.
  • Add slides from any existing presentation in the team with the slide bank.
  • Name the slides.
  • Make smart slides out of normal slides or vice versa.
  • Go to edit hotspots (internal and external links)

Picture 2.

Picture 3.

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