Presenter mode allows you to have more wide toolbox in use while presenting locally or using Seidat Live for presenting over the internet.

  • Click "Open presenter window" from slide map to open the presenter window into a new tab. Keep this tab on the screen you are only seeing (I.E. your laptop's screen) and drag the original window to the screen your viewers see.
  • Toggle fullscreen on the window that your viewers are viewing.¬†
  • You can change slides from presenter window and it will change on the other screen.
  • ¬†Overview view is exactly same, but it won't open an another window to use it on second screen.


  • Both overview and presenter view allows you to see the slide map and navigate the presentation with either your keyboard or clicking the thumbnail of any slide with mouse.
  • Current slide on the right. The width of the panel can be adjusted by dragging from the gray bar in the middle.
  • Current time and presenter clock. The clock can be started, paused and restarted from buttons on the right.
  • Notes of the slide. Notes on a smart slide are same on each presentation (smart notes)


  • You can open any presentation from the same window and presenter window will automatically show that presentation.
  • If you close the window you started the presenter mode, the presenter view will automatically shut down.
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