Direct sharing

The main new feature of this update is a new way of sharing presentations directly to specific users, called "Direct share". When you share a presentation this way the user will be able to view the presentation under their "Shared with me" page. The user will get an email informing them of their new share. If the account doesn't exist yet then it will be created and the new user will be asked to complete registration before they can view it. We recommend using direct sharing if the presentation contains confidential material or if you want to control exactly who can view it.

Shared with me

Presentations that have been shared directly to you can be found under your "Shared with me" page. You can get to the page via the account menu in the top right corner.

New presentation dialog

When you now create or duplicate a presentation a dialog will open that lets you fill in the basic details of the presentation - It's title, tags and team access.

Other than these new features we have also made many small fixes and tweaks. We hope you will enjoy the new update!

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