New pricing plans

With this update, we're introducing new pricing plans. The new pricing is package-based—each plan comes with a fixed number of total users, a subset of which can be content managers.

Content managers are users with the editor role or above (editor, smart slide editor, brand manager). Any user can still be given explicit editing rights to individual presentations.

Let's take the Team XS plan as an example:

  • It's bundled with a total of 9 user seats.
  • Just as before, each user occupies one seat. Up to 3 of those seats can be occupied by users with editing rights.
  • Owner and admin permissions don't affect the usage—every user on a team can have those rights.

These pricing packages will allow for more flexibility and make teams more affordable and easier to manage. Get yourself familiar with the new plans on our pricing page.

The old per-seat plans are now discontinued and will not be offered anymore. However, teams who are already subscribed to any of our old plans may continue as before. The same also goes for teams currently (May 7, 2019) trialing an old plan.


Apart from credit card payments, teams can now choose invoicing as a payment method. The offered methods are:

  • Paper invoices sent by post to the billing address
  • PDF invoices sent to the billing email
  • E-invoicing


As a part of this update we've also redesigned the way tags work. All team tags can now be found in the dropdown menu in the top-right corner.

You can now pin tags to the dashboard to have quick access to those you use the most often. Tag editing is now also accessed through the tag dropdown.

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