Content of the update:

The user permission system has been completely rebuilt from scratch. Now it's possible to restrict and grant the access to individual presentations.


  • Role-based access levels instead of separate permissions
  • Content and admin role types
  • Possibility for multiple owners
  • Owners can limit their content rights (don't have all rights by default)
  • Admins can now manage their own rights
  • Roles consist of individual permissions (bit masks), which makes it possible to define custom user-defined roles
  • Owner or admin can now invite multiple users at a time and set a role new users will get
  • Inviting new users bumps the quantity of seats automatically (info included)
  • New user management UI with sorting and filtering
  • Updates to users and team-settings (tags) tours


  • Presentations can now be restricted or granted access to on user by user basis
  • Team wide editing rights are required to create presentations and manage images, although presentation editing rights can be explicitly granted to those who don't have them
  • Owners can gain access to any presentation and are able to view all content (Show all)
  • When user is removed from/leaves a team, his content (where he's the only editor) is transferred to another user or is made public
  • Presentations recovered from removed users have an indictor
  • Google Analytics tracking ID can now be set from the team settings

Misc updates:

  • White Seidat logo in the play mode (navbar hidden)
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements
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