Standard Seidat fonts and adding other Google Fonts

  • Seidat offers a wide range of Google Fonts (list at the end of the article) as standard already installed to your team and personal team. See the collection with text examples here or log in to and navigate to Brand settings to see the full list
  • All Google Fonts are available to any paid team without any extra cost (all teams, but excluding personal free team). All fonts will be added to your team by our system admin, so please contact us for assistance. You can check out all Google Fonts here:

Installing other than Google Fonts

  • All other web fonts (excluding TypeKit-fonts, read more below) can be theoretically installed to your team (there might be some exceptions with copyright restricting the use of fonts in Seidat). Contact us ¬†for more information.
  • Only restriction is for all TypeKit-fonts. Seidat does not support TypeKit fonts at the moment.
  • The font has to be delivered to Seidat in .woff-format and Seidat will host the font on our servers and add it to your team. The customer has to make sure their copyrights cover the use in other platforms, like Seidat's. Fonts in .woff2-format are not accepted, since all browsers do not support .woff2-format.
  • If you do not have the font in .woff-format or your existing font's copyright cover is not enough to cover your Seidat team, it is possible that Seidat will purchase the licence, host the font on our servers and install it to your team. The hosting and adding the font to your team is paid service and purchase of the licence to the font will be added to the fee.
  • The font delivered will only be used to customer's team.
  • Based on the situation Seidat can make an exception where the font is hosted if the customer already has the font hosted on their or their third party servers. The font has to be also in .woff-format and the CORS-settings have to set to allow to fetch the font from the server. Seidat will take no responsibility of the font working if it is not hosted on our servers. If the font is removed, changed or settings changed the font might stop working in your presentations.
  • All fonts will be added by our system admin regardless where they are hosted.
  • Hosting and adding the font to your team is a paid service. Contact our sales for more information.
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