• Save icon will turn blue when there are unsaved changes made to the slide.
  • Once the slide is saved it will automatically update to everyone viewing or editing the page. 
  • If multiple people edit the same slide at the same time the first to save changes the other editors page to correspond with saved version. The second editor can go back to the unsaved version by pressing cmd/ctrl+Z. Editing the same slide at the same time should be avoided.
  • If the save icon turns red, your internet connection is not working currently and the slide cannot be saved.Wait until the connection comes back before exiting the slide to save the changes.
  • If you try to leave the page before saving you will be notified. If you wish to stay press cancel and save your work. If you don't want to make the changes you can press OK.
  • If you shutdown the tab, browser, computer, etc. before saving the page all the changes will be lost.
  • You can backtrack even after saving by pressing cmd/ctrl+Z

It is recommended to save often, so you don't lose the changes you've made to the page.

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