Team members with Brand manager -user rights can change the team's colour palette and text styles. This keeps the brand more controllable and consistent.

  • Only grant the brand manager user right to those persons who know about the brand guidelines etc.


  • Set official colours of the company with either HEX code or by selecting the colour from the colour selector.
  • Colour palette's colours can be used to colour shapes in slides.
  • Colour palette's colours can be used in fonts.
  • Default slide background colour is used in every new slide created after the colour is changed. As a default, it is light grey.

Text styles

  • You can create as many text styles to your team as you wish. These created text styles can be used on the slides. Note that an editor can't edit those styles when editing the slide.
  • As a default, each team has a set of text styles created. These can be deleted or modified freely.
  • It is advised to name the text styles descriptively (i.e. Header, Lato, 50, White; Header, Lato is the name of the font family, the number 50 is the font size and the White meaning the colour of the font)
  • List of Seidat's default fonts can be found here. Any font can be added to Seidat. Learn more by contacting our sales or support.
  • After you have created your fonts, you can select the default font. It is recommended that you choose one of the most used fonts as the default.

Editing text styles in brand editor

When you have selected the right font family and named them you can:

  • Move. You can re-arrange the fonts in the list, making it easier to find the most used fonts on top of the list when editing a slide.
  • Set the font weight. This varies font-by-font. Some fonts allow setting bolded and italic styles in text editor too.
  • Font size. Different fonts may vary in the actual size on the page.
  • Line spacing determinate how much space there is between lines of text.
  • Letter spacing determinate how much space there is between letters.
  • Uppercase toggle. Setting this on will turn all letters to uppercase.
  • Font colour can be set to match the brand's colours.

Replacing existing fonts

  • The easiest way to replace existing fonts is to use the same slot and changing the font family and other settings to the required settings.
  • The changed style will change on all slides immediately when the change is made.
  • If you remove a font style that is in use, it will convert the text's on slides to default font.
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