Seidat Live presenting

  • With Live Share you can present your material remotely to your audience without screen share or any complicated software.
  • Change the slide on your device and it changes on the viewers device instantly. This way, you're literally on the same page with your customer even when working remotely.
  • You can have multiple recipients on the Live link at the same time during a conference call for example making Seidat Live great tool for remote sales.
  1. Open a presentation you want to share.
  2. Navigate to Seidat Live -tab by pressing the share icon from the dashboard or from left tab (see picture below).
  3. Click "Create new Seidat Live"
  4. You can add additional info to the box on the right.
  5. You can now share the link by copy-pasting the link to a email, text, chat messages, etc.

How to work the Seidat Live?

  1. After sharing the link, press "Start Live" or open the link in a browser where you have been logged in.
  2. The viewer/s now see the active slide. There is usually roughly one second delay to recipients after you have changed the slide. This might vary based on the presenter's and viewers' internet connection and location.
  3. In most presenting situations you might want to be in the overview view (picture below). Open the overview by pressing O-button on your keyboard or by pressing the navigator map on bottom right and clicking the overview icon. Even though you are in the overview yourself, the viewers only see the active page.
  4. Once you have exited the Live Share the customer can still see the latest page you showed.
  5. Delete the link to remove all access of the viewer to the presentation.

Remote contol your presentations

When presenting in a larger venues or when you want to move around in the room you can control your presentation with your phone for example. Open the same link on your phone's browsers that you are logged in. You can change pages on that device also and it will change on every device. Even on your own laptop.


Make sure you have a working internet connection when using Seidat Live to send signal for the recipient's device to change page. Seidat works with even slow internet connections. It is perfectly normal to experience a lag of around 1-2 seconds after the slide is changed.

  • If the recipient(s) loses their internet connection the pages on their end will not change.
  • If the presenter loses their internet connection the page will not change on any recipient's device.

All users who have logged in to a team and use a Seidat Live link from that team can change the page. So make sure you are using unique link when presenting. 

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