Accessing slide editor

  • Click "Edit presentation" from Seidat's dashboard.
  • In the presentation editor move your mouse over the slide you want to edit. Click the pen icon to access slide editor.

Seidat dashboard

Presentation editor

Quick introduction to features in slide editor

All features are introduced more in depth in separate articles under this section.

  • On top bar (white bar) you can see the name of the presentation, slide and the team. Press the house icon to get to dashboard. Pressing Seidat's logo will collapse the bar.
  • Darker grey bar on left is all your major functions within the presentation, like hotspots and sharing options. 
  • Lighter grey bar on the left includes all tools for editing.
  • Once you have an element selected you can see additional tools for the element on top (below the white bar on top)
  • Properties can be found on the right. 

Slide editor's tools from top to bottom:

  • Save: will be blue when slide has any unsaved changes.
  • Text: creates a new text element.
  • Image: opens the image bank and allows you to add images, logos and icons, etc.
  • Shape: selection of shapes to be used in various ways.
  • Iframe: embed wide variety of content to the slide.
  • Video: easily add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other video services.
  • Background Color: Have a solid colour for the slide.
  • Background Images: Set any image uploaded to the team as a background.
  • Brand Editor (visible only for brand mangers): Edit team's brand setting directly when editing the slide.
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