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Artem Kondratev
Written by Artem Kondratev

Emailing shared links & image notes

August 14, 2020

Emailing shared links

Shared and live links can now be emailed to people straight from the app. To do so, open the presentation, switch to the Share presentation view and find the link you want to email (or create a new one), then click Send via email to the right of the link. The dialog will open where you'll have to put in the recipients' emails. You can also add a message to the email. Once you're done, click SEND EMAIL.

Image notes

Free-text notes can now be added to images. To add a note to the image, go to the Images page from the top of the dashboard, select the image and click Image info at the top-right of the image bank. The dialog will open and the note field is at the bottom. Notes are saved automatically, just close the dialog once you're done editing.