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Next updates

Version coming: 29.01.2018

Last updates

Version released: 22.01.2018

Version history


    User permission management

    You can now choose to give only the sharing rights for your Seidat team members instead of giving full editing and sharing rights. This will help you to take more control over your team's presentations.

    Just "untap" the editing rights from the users you want to limit the editing from.


    Slide editor text update

    We have completely rebuilt the text editor to make it much more user-friendly. Your old slides will look just the same as before. However, if your text was using missing styles or had incorrect line heights, you will notice it fixing itself once you start editing the text.

    You can now:

    • Edit styles (bold, bullet etc.) of text elements without activating them
    • Edit multiple text elements at once
    • Drag and drop text

    Other changes include:

    • All line and text styles are kept when copy pasting text.
    • Line height and bullet point styles are now consistent with the text on the line.
    • The toolbar is more mobile friendly.
    • Strikethrough button removed as unnecessary. If you are one of the very very few who use strikethrough, you can still get it by pasting some into the text element.
    • Text links have been removed, though current ones will keep working. Please use element links from now on instead.
    • All toolbar buttons now have tooltips
    • Fixed a bug where exported presentations would not support Cyrillic, Greek etc. characters.
    • Fixed a several bugs related to selecting, moving and resizing elements, especially on mobile devices.


    • You can now disable navigation bar or navigator menu on a shared presentation
      • first append a questionmark (`?`) at the and of the Seidat link.
      • Then add `navbar=0` or `navigatorMenu=0`.
      • If you want to turn off both, put an ampersand (`&`) in between.
      • I.e. `?navbar=0&navigatorMenu=0`


    • Presentations shared on social media are now accompanied by a thumbnail of the first slide. (An open graph image)
      • This makes your share more visible and lets your audience get a taste before they click.

    Slide editor

    • There is now an element list in the properties panel on the right, where elements can be arranged, named, and locked.
      • A more comprehensive permission system is being planned, but in the meanwhile element locking can also help maintainability.
    • You can also lock  (cmd+l)  and unlock  (cmd+shift+l)  /  (cmd+u)  elements using the keyboard shortcuts, or the toolbar button.
    • There are also new keybindings for selecting all elements  (cmd+a)  and selecting none  (cmd+shift+a) .
    • Element links now accept email links, e.g.  that will open an email client when clicked.


    • Embedded elements should now always be included in exported presentations, and be more consistent in general.
    • And many other small or browser specific fixes.


    • You can now pay by card. We accept all major debit and credit cards. Payments process through Stripe (, and we never see sensitive card data.
    • You can now control and the amount of seats you have through the app, making it easy to stick to a set monthly payment, even while adding and removing users.
    • Customers paying by card will be able to download their receipts from the 'Team settings'. Receipts are also emailed to the Team owner.
    • Your teams are now visible under a separate tab under the 'My account' page.


      • When you get invited to a team you will now recieve an email about it, whether you have a Seidat account or not.
      • Team owners will get notified by email when:
        • A team trial is about to end.
        • A card payment failed.
        • A team is canceled due to failed payments.
      • New email templates.
      • Clearer "Create new team" dialog when trying to access team features from private.
      • "Terms of Service" agreed to on registration or first login through popup.
        • link to "terms of service" etc. also in the new footer


      • There is now a "default" presentation on every new team and new account created after 30.11.2017
      • Helps with deployment and getting to know the system when you are new to Seidat


      •  "Open in a new tab" is now working for most links and buttons where it is relevant.
      • Slide editor popups now use the screen more efficiently.
      • We made it clearer when forms and popups etc. are "processing" your update.
      • Element focus on keyboard tabbing is now visible. For modal dialogs, tabbing navigation is limited to the dialog.

      We are now reusing thumbnails, so thumbnails should appear immediately for copied slides and presentations.



      • Undo (cmd+z) and Redo (cmd+shift+z) with virtually unlimited history. (Saved locally, no online versioning yet).
      • Select multiple elements by dragging or shift clicking.
      • Move, scale and edit multiple elements, though dragging or the side panel.
      • Use svg and gif images as backgrounds.
      • Nudge elements around with the arrow keys, or push them around a bit further with ctrl+arrow. (uses grid spacing)
      • "outline elements" by checking the setting in the editor panel.

      COLLABORATION - When you are editing a slide and:

      • the slide gets saved elsewhere, the editor updates as well. History (undo/redo) is kept so that you can undo.
      • the slide gets moved, the editor follows.
      • the slide is deleted by someone, you get the option to "restore" (re-add) it.


      • Element snapping lines go to the snapped-to element.
      • Elements no longer jitter when snapping.
      • Each element is now on its own layer. (= Only one element / layer, and no more layers than there are elements. No upper cap.)
      • The text editor should now be more reliable and consistent.
      • Text boxes have height again, but "overflow" if they are not big enough. They grow to fit the content when editing content.
      • The way we save slides has changed to allow for some new features. Even very old slides should be converted correctly, however, there may be some problems with some edge cases. (Though none that we know of at the moment.)
      • The grid is now on top of everything, rather than below.
      • Escape closes popups, de-activates text element, or de-selects selected elements.
      • Shortcuts on mac are now in the format: Cmd+key, while windows uses Ctrl+key.
      • Both Delete and Backspace now remove elements.
      • Ctrl-x for cut.
      • The object transform fields in the right panel have switched places to actually correspond with the "element anchor" and "aspect ratio" icons.
      • Pasted objects are now offset a little (follows grid spacing), if the original object is still in place.
      • Images removed from the imagebank are now also removed from all slides.


      Autoplay is now available for your presentations when needed.

      • You can set autoplay on from the right bottom corner of each presentation by clicking the clock-icon.
      • The default autoplay time is 90 seconds per slide. Change the amount of seconds from the presentation's settings.
    • A big system update

      Mobile & User Experience

      • Presentation swiping is much more responsive.

      • Pinching out when viewing presentations brings up the overview.

      • Many pages and views now scroll more smoothly (iOS).

      • The Users page now responsively adapts to small screens.

      • Presentation export has been enabled for all mobile devices other than iOS.

      • Presentation printing is now enabled on all devices.

      • Tutorial tours have been created, introducing users to new or unvisited parts of the app. (desktop only, coming soon on mobile.)

      Presentation Viewing & Management

      • Presentation and slide titles as well as viewing mode is now shown in the top menu, where relevant.

      • The small margin around the slide has been removed. The slide is now truly shown edge to edge, and completely covers 16:9 displays when using fullscreen.

      • Tags now correctly filter presentations - only presentations that have all the selected tags are shown.

      • Creating a new presentation now tags the presentation with the selected tags.

      • International and special characters (except for logographic characters such as Japanese Kanji) can now be used in titles and tag names.

      • Presentation navigation can now be controlled from within iframes using postMessage().

      • Slides can be copy-pasted across presentations inside the team.

      • You can change from live-mode directly to edit mode.

      • Possibility to export presentations with Safari.


      • Seidat is now more secure, forcing HTTPS everywhere, except for presentations that allow HTTP. (Shared and live presentations are still always available through both HTTP and HTTPS.)

      • Unsecured (HTTP) viewing mode has been created for presentations containing HTTP Iframes or Embeds.

      Stability & Bug fixes

      • Smoother and more stable Slide bank and Slide map.

      • Iframes on iOS can now be interacted with.

      • Presentation export is now working on the latest Safari.

      • … and many other minor errors, problems and bugs.

    • Default font can be chosen

      You can now choose the default font for all of your presentations.

    • Roboto Condensed, Permanent Marker, Noto Sans, Crimson Text, Poppins and Satisfy fonts added

      Roboto Condensed, Permanent Marker, Noto Sans, Crimson Text, Poppins and Satisfy fonts are added and available for use within Seidat.

    • Clickers can be used to change slides

      Clickers can be used to change slides now in Seidat. 

    • Viewer in Live Share can't see slidemap

      Viewer in Live Share can't see slidemap. Slidemap can be seen only when you have rights to edit presentations.

    • Complete renewing of Seidat

      Today we have published a new user interface, which will push Seidat to the next level. We have fixed great amount of bugs and created numerous new features, that will help you to create, present and share better presentations. Even old presentations will work much smoother.

      The new UI is easy to learn for old users, because the way of use hasn’t changed. The biggest change has been on the dashboard – now everything is much simpler and easier.
      The most important features shortly

      New login address is The old user interface can be found from

      • Dashboard – Visual layout has changed and now you can navigate directly to important settings to manage your teams and presentations. 
      • Images, texts and all other elements can be placed partially outside the content area. This will let you crop or align elements to the edge of the screen.

      Common changes

      • Login address with new interface is, the old login address will be directed to the website. Old user interface can be used by login at
      • Login view has been updated. All features are the same as in earlier versions. 
      • Icons have tooltips, which can be found when you move your cursor over the icon. 
      • Your browser can remember, which teams and tags you have chosen.

      Dashboard – First page

      • The team can be selected from the upper left corner of the screen. After selecting the team, you can click yourself directly to:
        • Update user rights
        • Update team settings (contact info, team owner, tags)
        • Brand settings (fonts, colors) 
        • Image bank 
        • All your presentations
      • Presentations are shown differently on Dashboard than earlier. Now the presentation cards consist of two parts: A thumbnail of the first slide on the left and the name of the presentation and creation date (new feature) on the right.
      • You can change the name of the presentation directly from the dashboard.
      • You can organize presentations by creation date or alphabetical order. 
      • Icon to edit presentation has changed to slidemap icon.


      • Slide titles are saved automatically.
      • Slide thumbnails on slidemap can be scaled by + and – buttons on the lower right corner. 


      Slide editing

      • The content area line can be now overlapped. Images, texts and all other elements can be placed partially outside the content area.  This will let you crop or align elements to the edge of the screen.
      • On the right part of the editing view you can now open an area, where you can manage the editing properties. The new properties will be from up to down:
        • Snap to elements, 
        • Snap to grid, 
        • Show/hide grid
        • Grid spacing, 
        • Aspect ratio. Keeping aspect ratio of the elements when scaling. Can also be used by pressing SHIFT-button when scaling elements. 
        • Element W (Width), H (High). Elements can now be scaled more precisely, down to 1px.
        • Element X,Y-coordinates. 
      • You can see the layer of the element between the layer arrows.

      Text editing

      • You have only one tool for editing text styles. Earlier magic wand has been deleted. Now you can change text style for even only one letter.
      • The style name is now written with the same font as the style (without colors and sizes).
      • You can use Clear Formatting-button to clear all text styles.
      • Any text (and there can be several links inside the text element) can be linked to external websites.
      • Text can be indented by tab-button
      • The text field automatically scales vertically so that all content inside is visible.
      •  Empty text fields are seen on edit mode so they can be removed easily.


      • Now you can also make star and diamond shapes.


      • You can reach image bank directly from the dashboard. 
      • Images have names. Names are same as the uploaded file names. You can rename images directly in the image bank. 
      • Image folders can be renamed. 
      • Images can be downloaded from image bank to your computer.

      Share - Live-presentations opens in a new window. 

      • When you leave live presentation, the browser will remember the team you are in.
      • Presenter can navigate (change slides) during live share using slidemap even with a touch screen or mouse. 
    • External links

      We have add possibility to create external links. External links can be added by same button than internal links. 

    • Khand Font Added

      We added Khand font to Seidat. It's very stylish and modern typeface.

    • Backgroud images can be removed

      Previously you should remove background images by activating new background color. Now you can remove them in edit mode by clicking background image -icon and then from right - down corner of the window - remove by clicking.

    • No need to optimize image sizes

      System is optimizing image sizes automatically. There is no need to minimize that manually. Of course, 2 mb files are easier to upload than 25 mbs.

    • Slide Bank

      Slide Bank will renovate the way people are creating presentations. With Slide Bank you can paste ready slides from other presentations and paste them by normal or smart way. With slidebank the time of creating presentations will increase dramatically and with smart slides presentations can be kept updated automatically.

    • Presentation and slide thumbnails

      Presentation and slide thumbnails will speed up loading times both in dashboard and slidemap. In slidemap also scrolling and many other features are easier to use, thanks to thumbnails. Videos and other interactive content won't begin to play anymore.

    • More image formats supported

      Currently we are supporting all image formats. Now you have even possibility to use fully scalable svg vector images. Supported formats are:

      • .jpg
      • .png
      • .gif
      • .svg
      • .tiff
      • .bmp
      • .cmx
      • .cod
      • .ico
      • .jfif
      • .pbm
      • .pgm
      • .ras
      • .pnm
      • .ppm
      • .rgb
    • Exporting presentations offline

      Offline presentations. This feature gives you possibility to export presentations and drive them locally on your computer (not with mobile devices). 

      When you export presentation, you will get .zip-file, which contains the whole presentation. Save the .zip file to your computer and open it. Don't make any changes to files or file names. The presentation will open by clicking the file Play.html.

      We will contiunue to develop next generation offline features. We will launch applications to different devices, which will make offline presenting more user friendly. Stay tuned.

    • Link and Live Share pages are scrollable

      Link and Live Share pages are scrollable. Now you can add unlimited links .

    • Hide the navigation map

      Mini Slide Map (Navigation map) on the right bottom corner can be hidden. Click map and then there will be one new icon, which will hide the Mini Slide Map. It will appear again, when you will move the cursor again to corner or with touch screen; tap the corner.

    • Backspace in Live Share mode

      You can press backspace in Live Share-mode to go back to previous slide. 

    • Centering presentations in Firefox

      Presentations will be centered correctly in Firefox.

    • Small fixes

      Links inside the presentations are working after making a duplicate of the presentation.

      Many separate updates to make presentations working better with IE (10 or newer).

      Scroll bars aren't anymore visible on the slides you don't need them.